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About the Portneuf Basin Pulse

Stakeholders within the Portneuf Basin have joined together to form a coalition known as the Portneuf Watershed Partnership (PWP).  This group has both a monitoring and outreach-education component, and is a cooperative effort of private industry, educational institutions, scientists, and government agencies at numerous levels (City, County, State, Tribal, and Federal).  Support and cooperation for the PWP has been provided by many agencies, listed here.  In addition to funds and contributions of labor or materials, many volunteers and property owners have contributed labor or cooperated by providing access to their lands.

The objectives of the monitoring program include:

  • To develop a better understanding of point and non-point pollutant loadings to the River

  • To meet pollutant discharge (NPDES) permit regulations

  • To support development of simulation models and TMDL plans

  • To assess compliance with water quality objectives

  • To help establish water quality objectives/standards that are required to support beneficial uses (fisheries, aquatic biota, recreation, etc.)

  • To reduce monitoring costs and improve data quality

  • To gain a better understanding of the aesthetic impacts of pollutant loadings to the River. Aesthetic measures include odor, flow, clarity, riparian habitat, and aquatic plant biomass

Amanda Rugenski records sensor quality assurance data.
Amanda Rugenski records sensor quality assurance data.